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Landscape and garden design inspired by travel is one of our specialties. Traveling to new and beautiful places is an excellent way to gain new ideas and inspiration. Such inspiration is especially helpful to bring your own garden to life. We always love European gardens and invite the challenge of finding ways to adapt these design aesthetics to the Texas landscape and climate. We intentionally take trips to destinations where we feel we can absorb ideas and gain inspiration for our landscape designs.

  • André Le Nôtre: Magnificent Masterpieces of the Gardener’s Art
  • French Landscape Design
  • Grand Designs: André Le Nôtre and the Gardens of Versailles
  • The Gardens of Versailles
  • Palace of Versailles Gardens
  • 400th Anniversary of André Le Nôtre’s Birth!
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André Le Nôtre: Magnificent Masterpieces of the Gardener’s Art

Stephen Hitchins traces the life of landscape architect Carol Johnson and her impact on the contemporary redesign of Paris. Once she finished studying English at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, it was the Palace of Versailles that captured her imagination as she cycled around Europe in the early s, soaking up landscapes in France, Ireland and England. It is a spiritual force that acts not only on building materials, on walls and rooftops, but also on your character, your opinions and your judgment.

It is a powerful astringent. Almost all major cities across the world have had to endure lost lives, lost jobs, lost ways of life.

Each city changes in its own way.In Paris, the hole in its heart is the absence of the sensual conviviality that makes people dream. It is the disappearance of pleasures the French have spent centuries refining in the belief there is no limit to them. Life is monotonous. There is really nowhere to go.

The number of Parisians going up the Eiffel Tower last year doubled. One of the characteristics of a true Parisian is that they have never ascended it, and yet the pandemic started to change that. All it took was the elimination of alternatives. The Louvre and Versailles are both closed. Johnson was a pioneering landscape architect. After that, she worked as a tour guide at a wax museum in Florida before going back home to New England to work in a garden nursery on Shady Hill Lane in Bedford.

She lived in a shack in the grounds, got to know the landscape architecture students from Harvard, then decided to join them. She also joined one of the most notable firms in post-war modernism, The Architects Collaborative TAC , which had been operating in Cambridge, Massachusetts since , and the group that Walter Gropius joined in , two years after he became a US citizen. Johnson stayed for just a year. It never occurred to me or to anyone else that you had a brain in your head.

Few women were practicing landscape architecture when Johnson founded her firm, Carol R Johnson, in — when it was just a drafting table in her Cambridge apartment.

The reason she started it, she once said, was so that people would stop yelling at her. Most men at the time did not want to work for a woman, so she ended up hiring sculptors.

Bidding on one early job, the Cambridge Common, she thought to bring two male employees with her. She still did not win the commission. She had to fight throughout her professional life against prejudice that was stuck in the 18th century. Nonetheless, she fought back and built one of the largest landscape architecture firms in the country.

Continually patronised by men, her technique to command attention was to lower her voice: you had to lean in to hear her. Eventually people listened. A lot. Like all successful designers she was often asked to choose her favourite project. She usually mentioned a park in her Cambridge hometown. As far as she was concerned, it was all about the history and meaning of a place, contextualism — in the US and, later, overseas. In tandem with its work on park and waterfront revitalisation projects, the company seems to have continuously expanded its footprint with design and planning on college and university campuses in the north-east of the US, undertaking landscape master planning, site design and restoration efforts at Wellesley College, Williams College, Harvard University and Boston University.

Senator Ted Kennedy played an important role in establishing the park. However, the Big Dig was a cavalcade of problems, interference and compromise. There were obstacles and difficulties, setbacks and casualties. It was also nine years late, and there was criminality involved: substandard materials were employed, suppliers were charged with conspiracy to defraud the state, light fittings fell down, safety guard rails caused deaths and mutilations when cars crashed into them, and a motorist died when a two-lane ramp collapsed.

It was not good news. This image The future foot of the Eiffel Tower, a greener, more pedestrianised 54ha area that Paris hopes will be ready for the Olympics. Johnson was a pioneer, not least because she was a woman. She always created enduring landscapes embraced by their communities. Her firm grew and grew, along with a large number of female employees.

The company changed its name with the fashionable nomenclature of each successive decade. It was just about the only predictable thing about it or her.It then merged to become CRJA-IBI in , and is now part of IBI Placemaking, building resilient, liveable and sustainable landscapes from large-scale regional developments and Unesco national parks to urban mixed-use projects, waterfront master plans and complete streetscapes — landscape architecture that helps to shape inspiring spaces in a combination of uncluttered design, horticulture, art and sciences, to make meaningful and uplifting places for people to live, work and play.

This image The project will be as attractive to Parisians as it will to tourists. What the doyenne of landscape architecture thought of the green agenda for her beloved Paris would have been fascinating; but she died in DecemberRight now, the city is quiet, cycling is a pleasure, traffic flows easily, the carousel in the Tuileries is still going around, but there are seldom any passengers. The key moment was December , when a strike shut down buses and trains for months.

Paris in the saddle was here to stay. Many bike routes remain treacherous or incomplete, but activists that spent years pressing for cycle lanes suddenly saw them appearing before their eyes. It is not just cycle lanes either. At last, there are green agenda schemes set to become reality. For example, the city is determined to reduce road traffic. Four central arrondissements are set to become restricted zones for cars.

Johnson would have approved: three of its five partners are women. And out of 24 senior staff, 15 are women. All of those projects have benefitted from an elevated understanding of the importance of landscape over the last 20 years, for which Johnson and her generation are responsible. This image Paris hopes to lead other global cities in pivoting how its central urban areas are planned.

The plan is to make Paris one of the flagship urban projects of the decade, focused on nature and well-being, and a more sustainable, inclusive and desirable city to visit and live in.The entire work is scheduled to be completed by , with the Eiffel Tower and Place de la Concorde parts to be ready in time for the Olympic Games inThe games will see 38 venues dispersed across the city according to a master plan by the architects Populous and the engineers Egis.

There have been calls for its redesign for just as long. An average of 3, vehicles pass along it every hour, resulting in nitrogen dioxide levels that are double the limit set by the WHO. Something had to be done. The Jardin des Tuileries is already undergoing renovations to bring more shade, encourage more birds and less dust.

Two monumental new entrances are being built on the Rue de Rivoli and the riverside. Post-pandemic, the gardens might look even better. It certainly will not be any more essential to Parisian sanity than right now — a 1km delight.

The Orangerie and Jeu de Paume art museums were added later, but the Tuileries remains his creation. After the aggressive hurlyburly of the city, nothing is so agreeable as the music of the parks: a quiet made magical by birdsong and the shouts of children playing.

Right now, there is almost nowhere to go and nothing to do in Paris. A new generation of landscaping designs would surely have delighted Johnson. Progressive Media International Limited. Copyright , All rights reserved. Skip to content. Home Architecture News. Image tools Email image Save image Pin image.

Johnson was a pioneering landscape architect The campus at Wellesley College sits in the first actually designed landscape Johnson ever lived in, devised by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr, whose father had designed Central Park, New York. The Mystic River Reservation, nestled between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts Few women were practicing landscape architecture when Johnson founded her firm, Carol R Johnson, in — when it was just a drafting table in her Cambridge apartment.

John Marshall Park in Washington DC Continually patronised by men, her technique to command attention was to lower her voice: you had to lean in to hear her. Discover content from our architecture and design magazines. Subscribe to FX. Email Newsletter Subscribe to our free weekly email newsletter. Login or Create account Close. Forgotten password. Remember me on this computer do not tick this box if you are on a public computer.

French Landscape Design

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Conception and construction of nursing homes focuses mostly on architectural design. The cost of gardens and amount of work they require is usually.

Grand Designs: André Le Nôtre and the Gardens of Versailles

During this time, our team has gotten to know the culture, staff, traditions, and seasons at Longwood, and walked every corner of the 1,acre site. Sometimes people are surprised that our firm, a Dutch-American firm known for avant-garde design, is working at Longwood Gardens. For the Master Plan and the Main Fountain Garden we have worked with Longwood to take a big step back from the complex details of the horticulture and day-to-day operations. Along with our client team at Longwood, we have a huge ambition—to further root the Gardens within the canon of the greatest gardens of the world. For this, we have to be unabashedly ambitious—to imagine what the next 40 years can hold, what the next generation will experience, and even more boldly, to consider the Gardens in the arc of the most majestic places on earth, some dating back to the 14th century.In contrast, Longwood is still a baby—only years old! For every move we made for both the Master Plan and the Main Fountain Garden, we asked the question: how does this further the vision of Longwood as one of the great gardens of the world? Before the revitalization, there were no pathways into the heart of the garden, many pathways were in disrepair, and key experiences were off limits to the guests. Photo by West 8. At the outset of the revitalization of the Main Fountain Garden, we had a rich and layered existing condition: an intact fountain design from Pierre S.

The Gardens of Versailles

Even the most successful landscaping business owners need inspiration now and again! These are among the most iconic landscaping designs on the planet and for good reason—completely unique in design and style, each one is a testament to the creativity and innovation of its landscape designer and architects. Join us for a quick exploration of Epcot, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and other world-famous landscape designs. Many of the landscaping trends showcased in these designs were revolutionary and modern at the time, and now persist as timeless, classic elements of the best in landscape architecture.

But also along the former Iron Curtain, and thus along EuroVelo

Palace of Versailles Gardens

During the Renaissance, this interest in outdoor space, which had waned during the Middle Ages, was revived with splendid results in Italy and gave rise to ornate villas, gardens, and great outdoor piazzas. These precedents, in turn, greatly influenced the chateaux and urban gardens of 17th-century France, where landscape architecture and design reached new heights of sophistication and formality. Longwood Gardens East Conservatory Plaza. One important exception was Sir Humphrey Repton. He reintroduced formal structure into landscape design with the creation of the first great public parks Victoria Park in London and Birkenhead Park in Liverpool

400th Anniversary of André Le Nôtre’s Birth!

His godfather at the ceremony was an administrator of the royal gardens, and his godmother was the wife of Claude Mollet. The location also allowed him to study in the nearby Palais du Louvre , part of which was then used as an academy of the arts. He was later put in charge of all the royal gardens of France, and in he was further appointed Controller-General of the Royal Buildings. He expressed himself purely through his gardens. He and Le Brun even accompanied the court at the siege of Cambrai inThey had three children, although none survived to adulthood.

L'Enfant was a French architect and urban designer who would design for George Washington the U.S. capital of Washington, D.C, and L'Enfant's.

These works of art are also a paradise representative of the ambitions of Louis XIV when he was a young king. For Louis XIII, the place was not only a refuge where he could enjoy hunting but a place where he could get away from the authority of his mother, Marie de Medici, who would guarantee his ascension to the throne. His achievements were, and still are, considered to be the work of a genius and spanned 25 long years during which the gardens of Versailles would continue to grow in size and in splendor.

In , he obtained the post of Designer of the Royal Gardens and within two years he had become premier gardener to Louis XIV, or rather to his ministers, since the new king was just seven years old at the time. In fact, in seventeenth-century France, gardening operated as a manual trade, passed down from father to son. The traditional system brought security to many French gardening professionals; some also achieved wealth and recognition. But the profession continued to operate like a manual trade or mechanical art throughout the seventeenth century, and the gardeners themselves did not band together to seek the higher status that might come through guilds, societies, academies, and the like.

The gardens of Versailles are perhaps the most famous in the world. Seemingly open to the horizon, their scale is monumental.

Jump to navigation. Michel Desvigne is a landscape architect internationally renowned for his rigorous and contemporary designs and for the originality and relevance of his research work. He has developed projects in more than twenty-five countries, where his work helps in highlighting the landscapes and rendering them visible, in understanding the mechanisms at work giving them form, and in acting upon these mechanisms in order to transform the landscapes and imbue them with meaning. In , he received France's Grand Prize for Urbanism for his continual contribution to and reflection upon the city and larger territory. Through his ability of deciphering the structure of territories, how they fall into place and consequently how they can be transformed, Michel Desvigne demonstrates an expertise characteristic of the landscape architectural profession in France. A tradition that has relied as well on the work of certain individuals, such as Michel Corajoud, whose teachings Michel Desvigne followed. The method of Corajoud, in which the transposition of a landscape takes place from what is initially observed, conceiving the matrix of a project from the observed, provided French landscape architects with an invaluable understanding of territory.

The position is a one-year position at half-time or a full-time position over one semester. The teaching language is primarily English, ability to communicate in French is considered an advantage. Through this process, the students begin to better understand our cultural landscape differences, but also, how important landscape issues cross through national borders and require Pan-European reflections and strategies. AIMS: The ambition of the EMiLA Fellowship is to bring forth and foster emerging design educators whose work embody the potential for landscape as a relevant medium of design.

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