How to Deep Clean the Lint Trap on a Clothes Dryer

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Getting Down to the Linty-Gritty

If you're anything like me, then you probably have little hidden chores you know you should do but never seem to get around to. For me, these not-so-noticeable chores include cleaning my bathroom drawers, dusting the ceiling fans, and deep-cleaning the lint trap in my clothes dryer.

The problem with neglecting the lint trap is that lint is highly flammable. I am notorious for leaving my dryer running while I'm out of the house. Delaying this chore has the potential to cause a house fire!

Let's talk about how to deep clean the lint trap on your clothes dryer in about five minutes!


  1. Grab a screwdriver and the vacuum along with the standard crevice attachment.
  2. Remove the lint trap screen (might as well vacuum it out, too).

3. Find the two or three screws on the inside of your dryer that attach the lint collection system to your dryer (the part that your lint screen slides into).

4. Remove the screws and pull apart.

5. Before you vacuum, search for any large items that may be stuck in there. At my house, I'm likely to find bottle caps, coins, jewelry, hairbands, etc. Get all that out of there by hand.

7. Wipe out with a dry dust rag and reattach lint collection plate and screws.

8. Replace lint trap.

That was a lot less painful than expected, wasn't it? Depending on how much laundry you have, this may be a weekly or monthly chore. There are seven people in our household, so laundry is a daily chore, making the lint trap a weekly task to be completed.

Tip: I usually use a wet/dry vac to clean out the lint trap in the dryer and the water reservoir in the washing machine. Having a wet/dry vacuum is invaluable in our home with five little monsters running around. While such a tool can be pricey, for our purposes, a simple bucket attachment vacuum works perfectly!

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