Growing Romaine Lettuce From Cuttings

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Romaine lettuce is one of those vegetables that can be easily regrown from cuttings. All that is needed is the bottom of a stalk of lettuce to allow the root system to spread. Romaine lettuce is a convenient plant to buy for the garden, and one of those edible greens that thrives in a container. It is quite easy to grow lettuce from seedlings, but for those who want little fuss, it is entirely possible to just buy the lettuce at the grocery store to be regrown.

Step 1: Buy the Lettuce

Buy romaine lettuce. The size and shape of romaine lettuce makes it a good candidate for beginner gardeners to replant.

Step 2: Cut Off the Bottoms

Cut off the bottom of the lettuce bunch. Not too short, but long enough to plant without difficulty. Do as many stalks of romaine lettuce as you wish.

Step 3: Soak the Bottoms

Place bottoms into water. It is best to soak the bottom overnight to hydrate. Some gardeners soak bottoms for three days before planting.

Step 4: Plant the Bottoms

Place bottoms into the dirt. The soil should be rich to promote growth. For these pictures, I placed the pot in a sunny spot, but lettuce grows best planted in the shade. If lettuce is placed in a container, move the container to a shady spot. If planted in the ground, choose a shaded area.

Step 5: Water and Cover

Water the lettuce and cover it with mulch to retain moisture. Dried leaves or plain straw will also work. Lettuce requires a good amount of water, so it best to place this vegetable into a pot or cover with mulch. Damp soil also keeps plants from drying out and retains the tasty flavor of the leaves.

That’s it! Regrown romaine lettuce is as simple as that. Enjoy!

Questions & Answers

Question: Can romaine lettuce be grown in the kitchen in a sunny window?

Answer: Absolutely! The lettuce will grow on a windowsill. They do not need full sun to thrive.....they do best in shaded areas.

Question: We've tried growing romaine lettuce from cuttings recently, and they're growing like crazy, but the leaves aren't growing in a group, they're all kind of going up a stem. Any thoughts as to why?

Answer: Many things may be the cause....extreme heat will shrink it's growth. If the soil is deprived of moisture they will also elongate that way. Sometimes they have already been harvested to their max. Mulch may help them acquire the nutrients they need to develop large leaves.

Question: Can you grow romaine lettuce in a pot in the kitchen?

Answer: Absolutely! Romaine lettuce can be grown right in your kitchen, and requires little space.

Question: After you pick the leaves, does the romaine lettuce keep growing?

Answer: Yes. Unless the cutting has already been harvested to its max. If grown in soil it should continue to grow after harvesting.

Question: Can the lettuce grow in water the whole time?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. The leaves may grow out much softer and not as firm growing in water.

Question: How deep does the pot need to be?

Answer: I use garden pots five to six inches in depth. Some gardeners use even smaller planters for lettuce cuttings. Be sure the cutting are placed in rich soil and is watered daily.

Question: Do you need to wait for roots before planting romaine lettuce from cuttings?

Answer: It is not necessary to wait for roots. The cutting do not develop an elaborate root system.

Question: What could be causing brown spots on the new growth of my romaine?

Answer: Too much sun or the leaves have been left submerged in water. The lettuce will also brown if not watered daily.

Question: What do I do if my plants develop fungus on the base?

Answer: It is best to avoid fungus to begin with. Baking soda helps keep fungus away and mulch sometimes will help absorb excess moisture.

Question: Can the same stump be reused?

Answer: No. None the less the stump may continue to produce lettuce leaves to be harvested.

Question: What do you do with the lettuce when Fall/Winter comes? Can it remain over the winter in the dirt or must you dig it up to be inside again?

Answer: It will not fair well if dug up. The lettuce actually thrives in winter. It prefers cool temperatures, which is why it is best to plant it in shade.

Question: How do you keep the romaine lettuce leaves from growing tightly?

Answer: This entirely depends on the firmness of the lettuce head and quality of the soil. It is best to plant cuttings quickly in potting soil after placing in water. The weather also effects tightness of the leaves. Organic lettuce at times is firmer as well.

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