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Is your landscape everything you want it to be? Does it inspire you to spend more time outdoors? Is your property the envy of the neighborhood? Our hardscape design company has been transforming properties throughout Carver County, MN for decades.

  • The Next Level of Landscape Design
  • Whatever you’re looking to plant this season, we have you covered
  • Stillwater, MN Landscaping & Design
  • Southview Design
  • Twin Cities Award-Winning Landscape Design Firm
  • Designing with Vision. Creating with Quality.
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The Next Level of Landscape Design

Award-winning caliber residential and commercial landscaping and design services in Stillwater, MN and surrounding communities. A beautiful landscape or garden is the centerpiece of any property in Stillwater, MN. The best thing is that each and every property has the potential for a completely individualized look based on your aspirations and planned purposes for your property.

A brilliant landscape design is the foundation of every distinctive outdoor space. Whether you just want a small area to be enhanced or completely transform your property — our team will design and finish the project to your satisfaction. Request a quote or call us today at to get started. Sloped areas can benefit from the construction of retaining walls to create level areas for planting or recreation, as well as erosion control and runoff prevention.

Walls constructed within the landscape can also serve to give definition by outlining your property, add privacy to your property, or to add additional seating for guest through a sitting wall on a freestanding wall adjacent to your patio. Rock gardens and dry riverbeds yield a great visual interest and natural beauty to what could be otherwise a barren area. Rock gardens are also very useful in areas of landscape where the goal is to provide a very low maintenance area, another bonus is the ease of blowing out rock beds compared to mulch beds in the event of leaves or grass becoming present in the area and when performing maintenance on shrubs.

Get a quote today to inquire about the available rock varieties, colors and styles. Mulch installed in your landscape beds will not only give your property a crisp, clean and manicured look, but it will also drastically reduce the amount of time that must be spent weeding, watering and fighting pests. Mulching can also help with erosion control and keeps dirt from splashing up on your flowers, home, and hardscape features when it rains. Get a quote today to inquire about the available mulch type and color varieties!

Edging is imperative for any Stillwater, MN landscaping or garden beds. If edging is not used, there is no true separation between the material in the bed rock or much and the turf, which could cause problems in the future such as a stray rock getting caught by a mower blade and being accidentally thrown at a high rate of speed. Trees not only provide shade for your house allowing it to stay cooler during the summer but also create great aesthetics.

Bring together an assortment of evergreen and deciduous shrubs to splash in some color and you have the combination to create exquisite Stillwater, MN landscaping. Our professional team of landscapers will help you pick out plants that will thrive in the tough Minnesota climate.Are weeds overtaking your lawn? Are your Stillwater landscaping beds becoming overwhelmed to the point where you are not able to see the rock or mulch that lay underneath?

Shrubs are overgrown, trees have not been pruned in recent years and branches touching the ground? The lawn has more crabgrass than Kentucky bluegrass?

The list can go on and on. Whatever the issue may be, it can make for a stressful situation regarding removing and repairing or replacing your landscaping and outdoor space. Croix Beach, MN St.

Marys Point, MNAll of our contractors are independent and represent their own company. When you place a phone call from this website or send your information through our contact form, it will route you to a licensed professional service provider in your area, we do not rent or sell your information. Our website does not warrant services provided by our contractors.

All persons depicted in photos and videos are models or actors and not the actual contractors that will arrive at your property. For more information refer to our terms of service. Request QuoteRequest Quote. Landscaping and Garden Design Specialists. Retaining Walls. Decorative Rock.

Landscape and Garden Border Edging. Contact Us Today! Get in Touch. Service Area. Serving Stillwater, MN zip codes and and surrounding communities.

Whatever you’re looking to plant this season, we have you covered

We're a team of landscaping designers and landscape contractors who bring paradise and relaxation to your backyard. Inside you'll also find honorable mentions and other sources. We're Hiring! We're looking for people who enjoy working outdoors, are reliable and enjoy feeling like they accomplished something everyday. If that's you or someone you know, we'd love to hear from you. Employment Opportunities.

Curated landscaping for urban outdoor spaces based in Minneapolis, MN.

Stillwater, MN Landscaping & Design

Black Rock Landscaping brings quality that many years of experience can provide to every landscape design and installation project. We work with you to plan your landscape to maximize the aesthetics and function of your property. Our experienced staff provides every client with the utmost professional service so that you can be assured of satisfaction. Whether you wish to have a newly designed landscape that involves a paver patio and custom fire pit, a wall to retain a steep slope, or renovate your turf areas, Black Rock Landscaping is the premier choice for landscaping in the Brainerd Lakes Area. From formal to natural looks, our team wants create your dream outdoor oasis. We pride ourselves with quality work that provides decades of enjoyment, while at the same time adding value to your property. We focus on excellence in all we do and accomplish this by ensuring your exact requirements are met and execute with the utmost attention to detail. We have enhanced and beautified hundreds of homes and businesses throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area. Every project is completed to the specific details as requested by our clients.

Southview Design

McDonough Landscaping, Inc. We have been serving customers throughout the east metro area sinceWe excel in a wide range of residential landscape design and installation projects, from small front yard plantings to large outdoor living spaces. Our goal is to provide our customers with sustainable and high quality landscape design and installation, while providing the highest level of customer service from quote to completion.

Explore our patios Request a quote.

Twin Cities Award-Winning Landscape Design Firm

Since , Cedar Creek Landscaping has been working with Twin Cities home and business owners to create breathtaking landscapes. We have the superior knowledge and skills necessary to help you create your ideal backyard or outdoor business space.Customers throughout the Twin Cities metro area have come to expect nothing but the very best in landscape services from our company. This has helped us become the number one choice for home and business owners looking for professional outdoor design and installation services. The entire crew at our landscaping company is ready to work hard for your yard. We can complete any of your projects efficiently and effectively.

Designing with Vision. Creating with Quality.

Terravista is a full service landscaping company specializing in unique design and installation. From the initial stages of each design, we consider the individual needs of our clients in order to provide a landscape that reflects the architecture of the home and style of the homeowner. We are based out of Minneapolis and serve the surrounding Twin Cities area, including St. Paul, Edina , Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Wayzata, Roseville, Minnetonka and more. Whether you are looking for a patio, retaining wall, walkway, water feature, native plantings, rain garden, irrigation, landscape lighting, or a complete landscape makeover, we look forward to working with you.

Black Rock Landscaping provides top-tier landscaping in Brainerd, MN and throughout the lakes area. Give us a call today at ()

Interested in learning more? Give us a call atBetter yet, get the process started now, by filling out our consultation request form. Once you contact us, we can be on-site for a consultation within 48 hours , ready to discuss your project and provide an estimate.

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For over 30 years, family-owned and operated North Metro Companies has helped homeowners in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas create exceptional outdoor spaces that combine form, function, and beauty. Leveraging experience and knowledge to ensure the highest quality installation that will last for years to come.Providing state of the art irrigation systems to ensure your yard stays hydrated and healthy all season long. Creating decorative and functional structures for outdoor living, including patios, footpaths, firepits, and more.

We are a full-service landscaping company renowned for providing complete landscape, lawn and garden services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Twin Cities Metro. Our talented staff can help you boost the curb appeal of your home, while adding value to the worth of your residence.

If your path to landscape excellence has led you this far, we will exceed your satisfaction level with our practical approach to design and installation that will ultimately lead you to relish your new landscape addition any time of the day in any season. From helping with the drawings to the execution. Two winters later we still see no issues in the work. St Louis Park , More. I have done several remodeling projects at my home and working with Beds and Borders was by far the smoothest and pleasant experience I have encountered. Eden Prairie , More. We just had our work done last week and could not be happier with the whole process.

Design and Construction. Landscape designers do more than simply plant shrubs, arrange trees, and run watering systems. We create a complete package that works with your visions. This takes not only a keen eye for visual detail, but also 28 years of experience in designing and constructing customer visions.

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