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We provide exceptional hardscaping and landscaping services to a wide range of residential properties for over 35 years. Our experienced team sets the standard each day in landscaping and hardscaping installs. You can guarantee that we will provide a professional exceptional service. Custom Landscape and Design are your hardscape and landscape specialists for Hampton Roads. We believe in having one landscape designer handle the job from its conception on paper, to the realization on your property. By doing this you are able to communicate and work with a single individual.

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Your Vision... Is our Goal.

Landscaping can be broadly defined as the changes you make to the land around your home in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It covers everything from the plants that you choose to the extra structures that you can fit in your garden. Landscaping helps you create usable spaces for any outdoor activities you want to engage in and can create a safe and secure outdoor space for the entire family.

There are plenty of options for what you can do with the space around your house. You can create a perfect balance between plants and man-made structures, or create a sustainable area that feels more like a wilderness than a sculpted garden.Some people want to have plenty of indoor amenities, and outdoor dining rooms and kitchens are becoming more and more popular.

Some people want water features that contain exotic fish, while others want natural fencing grown out of plants. Choosing what sort of landscape design you want is the first step to creating a space that suits your needs and will keep you happy for years to come.

Having a professional with plenty of experience can help you avoid these unexpected complications and give you the garden that you want. If you have an ultra-modern house, a rustic garden will detract from the value of your home and clash with the aesthetics. However, a lovely cottage will look great with some rustic landscaping, and this will increase the value of the property. There are plenty of plants that have different requirements for the amount of light they get, the amount of water they need and which plants they can grow near.

A good custom landscape designer will know these aspects of landscaping and will choose plants that will suit the design that you want. Going by word of mouth can result in unreliable labor that forces you to go over your time allocation and budget, and may even result in unsatisfactory work. If you decide to hire a custom landscape designer , make sure to find one that has a dedicated team that they know and trust. This will prevent many nasty surprises and ensure that the work is done well and on time.

Undertaking a custom landscape project can have a severe ecological impact on the surrounding area. For instance, if you live in a hot, arid area, having delicate flowers and a green lawn can drain the water table in the surrounding area, and will result in you having to spend money on irrigation systems and you will probably have to replace plants that are dying on a regular basis. Having a custom landscape means that you can choose designs that are ecologically sound and protect the environment around you.

Apart from making you feel good about your choices, this can have tangible benefits such as reduced maintenance costs and a garden that is a haven for natural wildlife in the area. A professional landscape designer will consider your needs while still designing a garden that works well with its surroundings, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of ecological impact.

Having a custom landscape will complement the design of your house while maintaining ecological integrity and should be something that is easy to maintain and will add value to your life for years to come.

Landscape Articles. Advantage 2: A custom landscape will match and complement your house. Advantage 3: Exentensive plant knowledge and expertise. Advantage 4: Work is done correctly, on time and on budget. Advantage 5: Designs are ecologically sound. Advantage 6: Increase the value of your home. Subscribe to Email Updates. Recent Posts. Popular Posts. Contact Us. Subscribe to Our Blog.

Landscaping Services in NC & SC

True Roots specializes in custom landscaping jobs. We are your one-stop-shop for all your landscaping n eeds. We have forged and maintained warm relationships with numerous sub-contractors in the St. George area which gives us the ability to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. No matter your need — a new concrete driveway, putting green, or a splash pad for the kids — we can do it all!

About, We are a Design/Build landscape construction firm serving SC,NC,Ga,. Creators of Fine Residential and Commerercial landscapes. Description, Custom.


Our personal attention to detail, coupled with our partnership with our clients are the backbone of our company. At Aurora Landscape, our staff has an extensive background in Horticulture, Design, Hardscape and Landscape installation. Let our Team of Professionals design, build and maintain the perfect Landscape Creations for your every need.Contact us to help you begin to realize the potential that your Landscape has to offer. Aurora Landscape offers a wide variety of Commercial Landscape Design and Installation Services to maximize the enjoyment, utility and functionality of your landscape. We are experts at turning Commercial Properties into opportunities that create beautiful, usable living assets that increase the value of your commercial property or business with an emphasis on plant material that will perform well in each specific environment. Aurora Landscape offers the best in Design and Installation for our clients to maximize the enjoyment and functionality of your landscape or sanctuary.

Custom Landscape Design & Installation

Our design abilities and practical experience combine to provide a beautiful, functional, and resilient outdoor living space. An appropriate and timely combination of services will protect and beautify your outdoor environment. Grow Rite Landscape Management is a fully licensed and insured landscape company specializing in softscape and hardscape design, installation, and maintenance, with over 25 years in business. Our experienced crews and professional staff are available to assist you with all your commercial and residential landscaping needs.

La Jolla Landscape and Design focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it.

Custom Landscaping by Mufson

Welcome to. Call us for a free consultation! FREE Estimates. John Land combines more than 30 years of experience in Landscape Design and Installation with uncommon integrity to create the highest quality and most beautiful and functional landscaping and hardscaping projects in the Richmond, Virginia region. We will be honored to assist you with your outdoor needs. Serving people on a professional level is a high calling.

Custom Environments Landscape & Design, LLC

Here are a collection of Before and After shots that allow you to see the dramatic differences a well designed landscape can make. The photos show a diverse range of projects from simple foundation plantings to complete outdoor living spaces and incorporate both new installations and some of our installations that have had years to mature. Beechtree Landscape and Design specializes in creative, low maintenance gardens that are suited to your specific needs. We focus on planting plants that emphasize color throughout the various seasons while considering sun, shade and drainage conditions, deer resistance and long term growth habit. At Beechtree Landscape and Design we adhere to strict bed preparation standards to ensure the long term health and success of all plant material installed and back all of our plantings with a one year warranty to provide peace of mind. At Beechtree landscape and Design we specialize in incorporating natural stone and a variety of other hardscape options into our planting designs. Our master stone masons on staff can handle stonework jobs both big and small. Whether it comes to custom paver patios and walkways, natural stone walls and benches, steppers paths, fire pits or full outdoor kitchens and living spaces, our craftsmen are capable of creating any range of features that can be integrated into your landscape project all of which are under full warranty.

Life is better Outside. We design and build landscaping to enhance your lifestyle and expand your outdoor living space.

Sitewide Bestsellers. Kitchen and Dining Furniture. Sign In.

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Is your landscape looking overgrown, underwhelming, or out of date? Our customers enjoy personalized design consultations, a completely managed process from beginning to end, and the assurance that our team will coordinate with other contractors and HOAs to ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience.Most importantly, every step of our process focuses on putting your design first. Our team is equipped with certifications in areas like sustainability, landscape management, design, installation, irrigation, lighting, wall and paver installation, horticulture, and architecture. With your vision, our collective knowledge and experience, we are confident in our ability to meet and beat your expectations on any design and build project.

Landscaping can have a big effect on your property value.

Where Quality Matters. Our success has come from being professional in every sense of the word, as well as committing to the highest level of customer service. Our landscaping services include lighting design, irrigation, tree services, paving, artificial turf, plant installations, demolition, decorative rocks, and retaining walls. Our strength is turning your outdoor space into exactly what you want it to be, and increasing property value in the process. The wonde finished a beautiful backyard in 2 days, definitely recommended! They exceeded our expectations with our landscape. Dakota had a great plan and executed it beautifully.

The owners of WeissEarley and their design staff pride themselves on imagination and creativity. We firmly believe that landscape design is a visual language and we are committed to giving each client that one of a kind landscaping project that speaks for itself. A beautiful landscaping project drives value and the feeling of accomplishment. Let WeissEarley landscape lighting provide you with the best custom outdoor lighting services today!

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